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There is possibility of confusion with that interview.
It would be better to write in a better english:
Composer should be the next Nvu, but Nvu has already an intermediate successor with Kompozer an improved Nvu (correction of bugs, and some new features about CSS)

Neil Parks

I am a long time user of NVU and Kompozer. For much of that time I have been hearing about a new and improved "Composer". I'll gladly try it whenever it becomes available. Till then I'll continue to use Kompozer because, although far from perfect, it's better than anything else I have tried. I thank both "Glazou" and "Kaze" for all the fine work they have done to make it as good as it is.

Interesting that the graphic accompanying this article, the leaf on a globe, is Kompozer's logo.

Term paper

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Jordan 1

You have inspired me to adapt this project for my high school level design class.

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