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brian morris

you left out one thing...HE is god.

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Insightful photo, however, I wish it were, thinking and writer and not smoker. We'd like our great minds to be around longer than smoking allows. Thanks for the posting.

Sam Hiser

B-M0 -

Surely, "God-LESS".

Which reminds me ... many people feel his book, God is Not Great (How Religion Poisons Everything), is blasphemous.

My belief -- a-hem -- is that Hitchens is excoriating religion, not faith.

What would Sam'l Beckett have said?

brian morris

beckett would have said that nietzsche is dead. and that hitchens pours a mean stout.....

Sam Hiser

Without knowing, I would figure Hitchens to be a bourbon man -- being a converted American by citizenship.

Stout surely is too filling to achieve enough ... effect.

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