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personally... i feel absolutely no pity for users of MS products... i hope every user of MS office 2003 and above gets Bit hard....

at first you start feeling sorry for them.. but after they get bit once.. twice.. the tenth time.. you then start to feel absolutely no pity.... if they haven't learned their lesson .. they deserve everything that they have coming..

and i speak for the company i work for.. they are an MS shop.. i have tried to introduce FOSS products and they do not want to hear it... so ... now that i have told them what MS is doing.. maybe they will catch a hint... because this WILL cost them money!!

The Wogster

What the CUSTOMERS need to do is specify what formats they are willing to read, rather then Microsoft picking what format is written.

If you send me a document in Greek, without prior consent, I will simply tell you I do not read Greek, you will then need to translate it into English, if you want me to read it. By the same token, if your sending me a document, RTF, PDF, ODF, unformatted text, and HTML are all acceptable formats, send me a document in docx, and I will tell you I can not read it, and to resend use one of the above formats.

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