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I'm sure there was no involvement by JN. Imagine the free pass to Intel if there was ever any "smoking gun" linking Negroponte to the state antitrust suit. Loud claims of "right-wing conspiracy" and Intel would walk off scot-free, because no other domestic prosecutor would dare come against them again.


Frankly I don't think many people would call it a "smoking gun" if Mr. Negroponte was the initiator of this antitrust suit and I don't think many people would care if it were true.

If the accounts of Intel's behavior are true and I don't think the OLPCs public accounting of it to be false, then Intel deserves every bit of scrutiny they get.

In my view, when a *for profit* company starts using such underhanded activities to bully the potential customers of a *non-profit* entity, well that just smacks of bullshit.

It would be one thing *if* as noted by OLPC had Intel lived up to just *one* of their obligations to be on their board (which they did not), or even if Intel was offering an alternative that was equal to or better than the OLPCs, which it is not.

In the end IMV, Intel should be raked over the coals and at the very least, their behavior against the OLPC *should* be used as supporting evidence.

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Why is it that some folks think that by just being a 'non-profit' organization it gives it an *automatic* right to be protected from competition?

Intel, Dell, and a host of other companies *sell* laptops as a part of their business. OLPC has now entered the fray. They didn't *originate* the market; the market was *already* there.

All laptops are not created equal. If they were, then just cheapest one with the 'best' (surely a subjective term) mix of features and reliability would have won out long ago.

If Intel, Dell, or any other laptop vendor can clearly make a case or come up with a package deal (that doesn't include anything illegal) that, for some reason, looks *better* to the entities *purchasing* the units, then good for them. That's free enterprise at work.

I don't dislike OLPC. I think it's a great idea; and I think that in many places it makes good sense... ...but I *also* don't think it's the end-all only way to necessarily achieve the desired result of educating poor or needy children and adults. One way, sure.

But whatever works in whatever particular circumstance is more important than just one foundation *always* winning in every locale.

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