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I wonder if this fud is somehow connected with the FUD on the Gnome Foundation and OOXML.

Roy Schestowitz

You are not /trying/ to help Microsoft, but approaching the press with this messages is a recipe for negative press for ODA. This could be done more quietly.

Stephane Rodriguez


Zaine Ridling

Thanks for all the information, Sam. CDF sounds like the evolution of a great idea. I sincerely hope it succeeds.


Sorry Stephane to have lost you. We hope to see you again on the other side of this controversy. Thank you for all your support.


It is actually surprisingly easy for MS to make surprising inroads on the comments generated by the OOXML opponents as they contains about 3000 duplicate comments.

Even a little editorial effort will look very impressive in the number of solved comments because of the way the comments are submitted to boost comment nummbers.

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