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So, now you're trying to push a third format that's got very little chance of succes?!

One more thing: You should have abandoned the name before announcing that you're working on a different format. Calling yourself "The Open Document Foundation" is just bad style. That makes your credibility low in my eyes.



Thank you for your thoughts.

We'll take your advice on-board.

Mohammad Khan

How is CDF going to solve the puzzle of MS closed formats when they won't open it or might use patents to stop it ?


This is the best and most direct question, Mohammad.

We need to fight this a) in the courts & policy fronts (which is ongoing); and b) on the desktop (which has been curtailed by myopic competitive software strategy, until now).

If I reveal our thoughts on technology & licensing now, before we have running code, I risk painting us into corners as well as preparing the enemy well ahead of time for the landscape of the Battles.

So, with your kind forbearance, I'll be silent until discussion can be productive.

This might answer some of your question.

Chris Ward

So what did all the people who contributed to ODF, and ISO standardisation, get wrong ?

ISO26300 isn't perfect. But it is a base which can be built on. Everyone can build on it.

How would you like to build ? Can we discuss ?


The people you mention included us.

What was built is an alternative universe. It's not practical to require Enterprise Customers to adopt this alternative universe when their data is locked in the original universe.

We've tried to build on it and our concept is unwanted. So we are moving to yet another universe which already existed and which has the facilities to bridge the two.

Discussion is simply unproductive. But thank you, Chris.

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