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Sounds very worthwhile. I wasn't curious enough to think about the potential of having one of these, but it might be a nice little platform to experiment with social computing for kids, too, and maybe even working on existing network structures.

If you get wind of where they are taking orders in November, post something, please.


I found this: http://www.xogiving.org/
(via Simon Willison)

I put myself on the e-mail waiting list.


That's what I wanted them to do from the beginning. By taking advantage of those of us who are willing to commit some resources, the first XO computers can be delivered into third world countries, where their presence will stir up the desire to have more of them. A little supply-side pump-priming, if you will.

Plus, the XO is cool. I'm sure some would do the buy-two-give-one thing, while others of us would do the buy-two-give-both thing.

The big thing is to be sure the US government stays out of it. People are rightly suspicious of the actions of the government.

Nils R Grotnes

Better with a direct link maybe?


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