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Zaine Ridling

What a great analysis that was by Joe Wilcox. His commentors trashed him for FUD, but the numbers support Joe's argument from start to finish. Same here. I moved to a GNU/Linux distro on my main machine and downgraded to XP on my old machine, and now use it for background tasks only (downloading, burning, a game or three).

Wesley Parish

I laughed. I had been invited to the Vista launch, had duly turned up at midnight, and noticed that I was one of the only ones there.

A Win95 launch it was not!

Now they appear to be confusing their customers as to just what computers being Vista-ready meant.

Vista's still in beta ....

Angry Vista User

Vista has been nothing short of horrible, i hate it, damn Dell would on ship the laptop with vista I couldn't even get XP , thanks microsoft for making my computing experience agony.


vista is a great operating system as long as u kee it updated and learn its tweaks and how to use it. alot of people are switching to vista, Lynux was pulled from wal mart computers because it doesnt sell well. that is because the support for it is not there and it is always changing. windows or mac is pretty consistant as to what they can do and alot of markets are still into microsoft. vista fits the bill for home, business and entertainment all in one OS.

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