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Roy Schestowitz

I'm sure some incarnation thereof will stick.

Zaine Ridling

NOT game over, Sam! Remember, the most influential "platform" for future documents is the web, and for online suites, ODF has a distinct advantage for end users.

Okay, Microsoft succeeded at what they have always succeeded at — lock-in (this time for the enterprise). But this need not be so for end users. ODF makes better sense, and always will, for end users over a proprietary format. Governments ignore this plain "fact" at their own risk. From what I saw this week, they're going to be spending a lot of money over the next 25 years updating infrastructure in their states. Too bad they'll have to tell taxpayers that millions must automatically be kicked to Redmond for licensing, and to access all that nasty MS-OOXML data they might be saving to.



Couldn't agree with you more.

It's beside my point: the proactive, deliberate avoidance by the ODF Community to have ODF not interoperable with Microsoft formats makes ODF un-deployable.

ODF will not get deployed if it requires a "rip & replace" of MS Office for OpenOffice.org. It won't happen...CIOs won't try it after what happened to Peter Quinn and Louis Gutierriez. That's the lesson of "Massachusetts".

How do I know this, you ask? I was there!

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