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Roy Schestowitz

I, for one, applaud Mark. Not many people will listen to ordinary folks, but when Mark talks, people listen. And here he tells the truth!

Wesley Parish

I had to laugh at his comment:

"But, someday, perhaps Microsoft will realize the approach that they have taken around media, which they have been banging on since 1997, is not working. Microsoft has not established itself as a media content channel at all. So, perhaps, they will be willing to look at alternative approaches."

Now, that would be an interesting and useful change - Microsoft taking stock of its reputation for playing hardball and noticing that it fails now, more often than not, and resolving to change.

Hope ever springs eternal; but I seriously doubt that Microsoft will do anything about it until it's almost too late - a la IBM in the nineties, when it was haemorrhaging red ink like there was no tomorrow.

Sam Hiser

Roy! Were you implying that Mark is "ordinary"? ;-)

(I know. A Loser is someone who comments on his own blog; a Total Loser is when he's the only one. I'm escaping Total-Loser-dom by a hair's-breadth.)

Roy Schestowitz

No implication that Mark is an ordinary guy, but I can see the ambiguity now.

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