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Zaine Ridling

Wow, for so many complex reasons surrounding MS-OOXML pro/con arguments, I appreciate the clarity of your coverage of this issue, Sam.

If someone said, "Give me ONE reason why ODF is a better choice than MS-OOXML," I'd easily say: "Control. ODF is independent in every way; MS-OOXML will always be controlled by Microsoft." There's no way Microsoft would relinquish control of MS-OOXML. If they ever intended to that, they could have more easily worked to include the relevant parts of their spec into ODF.

Sam Hiser

Thank you Zaine for your added colour.

I feel your logic applies also to the recent 3rd-party deals Microsoft has hatched; not just with the Linux vendors (Novell, Linspire & Xandros), but also the indirect ones which syphon the autonomy from erstwhile open-source vendors Scalix (acq'd by Xandros) and XenSource (acq'd by Citrix).

These companies too are no longer on the Free Software list.

Stay away!

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