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Zaine Ridling

Wow, the more things change....

I'll refer back to Sam's comment here for the direct consequences of this behavior.

By intentionally breaking every format but their own, Microsoft has truly gone batshit crazy (for lack of kinder term). Anyone else wonder if the one-hit IT wonders in Massachusetts were tipped off about this DLL-breakage in advance of their decision?

Quick exercise in word association:
— freedom from vendor whimsy
— unimpeded exchange of information; Open Access (OA);
— Open standard
— built for the future

— proprietary
— lock-in
— chained to legacy binary formats

Users saw the first signs of this abuse with Vista's EULA, and Microsoft will keep tightening the noose until any data you create within Office 2007+ will require you to pay the Microsoft Tax to access it. People and businesses need to understand that using MS-OOXML is like loading up a credit card on a teaser rate, and then wondering what happened when it jumps up 22% on day 32. Too bad governments don't get this simple calculation also. Ignore Microsoft's history of bad and illegal behavior at your own risk.

Meanwhile, Microsoft rewards an entire nation (China) with ultra cheap bundled pricing for pirating their software! Oy.

Roy Schestowitz

This is truly amazing, but hardly surprising. The company used to be doing exactly that even in the 90s. Watch the Comes vs Microsoft (Iowa) exhibits.


"Anyone else wonder if the one-hit IT wonders in Massachusetts were tipped off about this DLL-breakage in advance of their decision?"


Not the case.

Of course we told them, but the news -- being expected -- tends to add like a drop in the bucket to a complex hurricane of forces, the signature component of which is the impossibility of migrating to OpenOffice.org/ODF without an interop bridge to the MS Office formats.

At some point y'all alt-software rebels will take your fingers out of your ears and grok that whatever Microsoft is doing is irrelevant so long as there is no viable alternative that can be implemented.

Sam Hiser


Don't be so shocked.

There's a playbook here. It says "on Third & Two, fake the run off-tackle and Q takes the option over the right buttock of the tight-end."

There's a TRHEAt. Either make our ALTERNATIVE-to-TRHEAt free (Netscape:IE or Linux:Vista in China) and tie up all the other players in special-access-to-API's deals (Sun in 2004, Novell in 2006, Linspire, Xandros & others in 2007) and the book says these companies stay on a lifeline indefinitely out of the way but acting as B-citizens on the platform of the ALETRNATIVE-to-TRHEAt or go out of business, depending if they have other irons in the fire. Meanwhile, said TRHEAt is gone and market returns to coalescing around the Sociopath's ALTERNATIVE-to-TRHEAt.



I had a look at the Sun slides where they described the problem with Office 2007.The slide titled "DLL Bugs" states that msvcp71.dll and msvcr71.dll have to be relocated. These DLLs are the MS Visual C++ 2003 runtime libraries. It looks more like the ODF plugin had dependencies on libraries that were deployed with Office 2003 but not Office 2007?

Certainly if the issue is resolved by moving standard runtime libraries, then it is a bit rich to be calling sabotage.

This is just standard DLL Hell.

PS: I am no MS apologist - I am typing this on my MacBook :)

Sam Hiser

Thanks for the comments, Gentlemen.

And Troy, you're partly right, although the dll's also changed between Office 2007 Beta & Final. We'll reveal our experience fully in the appropriate mode & setting: conclusions cannot possibly flatter Microsoft's intent.


Interesting. I have just opened an ODF file in Word 2007(SP1)with absolutely NO problems at all.....

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