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Michael Hickins

How do you figure the vote is "no?"



I have no idea what the outcome will be. I said the right outcome is "no".

Do you have "insight"?

Zaine Ridling

Perhaps, Sam, but I think you underestimate how far a little money (lobbying) can go with politicians and business groups. What little interaction I've had with two state governments is that if you have a presence within the capital and are willing donate to the next campaign (esp. if you host a fundraising event), you can get a politician — or most anyone without integrity — to vote any way you want.

It's not just true in Amerika. Damn.


I think you are not understanding what he means. He says that the right answer should be "No" not that is is going to be that answer. I also think it should be "NO" but yes money is what's going to get them that "Yes" vote in September. Hey if here in the US they got Massachusetts to pass OOXML format. I say all hope is lost. They got all the money our community has Nada!$0.00

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