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Wesley Parish

I like the way he ends it:

"Microsoft and Ozzie have been talking a good game about cloud computing for the past two years. But we're still waiting for the Redmond team to take the field."

Myself, I don't think they've got the goods to do the job properly. With the Monopoly meme still at large in Redmond, they'll screw it up like they almost did the Internet thing - being unable to let go and let live, they'll hold on to their cards when they should be sharing them - like they are playing with their customers in the .NET: if .NET was intended to be a full-spectrum threat to Java, they would've opened up a lot more than what they have so far.

As it stands, I've encountered at least one company that develops .NET products on MS Windows with Visual Studio (in itself, not a bad product), then builds the full package on Linux with Mono - because they can trust Linux and Mono to do the job, whereas I doubt they can do the same with MS Windows and Visual Studio.

And .NET is the software backbone of this new services-based infrastructure. MS OOXML aka ECMA 376 is the data underbelly of it, and we know just how soft _it_ is!

Darwinism in action!

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