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Wesley Parish

and HAL was caught vistabeting ... ;)

Don't worry - the MSI installer format has some inverse fan comments on the Interweb that I've seen. I expect the same will soon be common with Microsoft OO XML. And with this track record, they'll wind up demoralizing their most fervent supporters ...

I mean, you have been following the TestDriven.NET versus MS Visual [PL] Express saga?

Sam Hiser

No, Wes, I wasn't but Jamie Cansdale tells us all about it.

Apparently, Microsoft won't get out of their own way.

patrick the elctronics guy

I have had vista a while now and so far no major problems. i dont know why though whenever they make a new OS it has to be such a memory hog.
Also i read somewhere that a new OS called windows 7 is coming out in 2010.
I wonder what That will be like!

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