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Zaine Ridling

That's a cool list. I waited six months to finish a word processor review over at DonationCoder.com, and I was really impressed by how much progress the Web 2.0 word processors had made since November 2006. Best of all, you can see, track, and undo any change, and it keeps copies all your revisions. They're still not fully student-ready, but if your goal is to post your document online to share with anyone — teacher, class, colleagues — these provide some very nice coding.

Also, I loved that the author recognized text editors! Due to the format (.txt) I use a text editor (EmEditor and UltraEdit mostly) for everything, even inappropriate things like notes, writing articles, composing blog posts, even letters. The simple format lets me drop the text into any container app while retaining the original in the ultimate cross-platform format. The only other format I trust as much as .txt is ODF.

Sam Hiser

One which didn't make the DonationCoder list is Virtual Ubiquity's Buzzword -- with a UI based on Flash!

It's in a controlled beta now.

I personally place it in the Top 3.

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