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Wesley Parish

FWIW, I went to the openxml.biz website and had a look at OpenXML Writer, touted as an open source Open XML editor. They've put up the license that it's released under, now, after I pestered them about it. That license is the one thing that Microsoft has managed to get right about its "rapprochement" with the F/LOSS world.

But on my MS Windows XP computer, I can neither run OpenXML Writer, nor compile it.

I'm not a C# hacker, so I can't rewrite it from the ground up ... I'm not a practised MS Visual Studio user, so again, I'm not sure of what to do.

I asked the openxml.biz people who I should go to with bug reports, and they ignored that question.

So, Microsoft's proven one thing, and one thing very, very well - they're experts at dropping the ball when for them it should really matter. I'd be surprised if that file format specification is 90% implemented in MS Office 2k7, they've proven so hamfisted in a relatively minor text implementation of that specification.

Stephane Rodriguez

Wesley, I have answered your comment on Bob Sutor's blog, where you cross-posted it. It's a .NET 3.0 application.

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