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i don't like imus, i'm think this couldn't happen to a nicer guy, but what happens if it is someone we agree with?

read a great column and update check them out


Zaine Ridling

Imus, what a guy! He had the "courage" to use his vast radio and TV show to personally attack private citizens — not the rich and powerful public figures — who did nothing to him, and it's telling that his "fans" sent death threats to the women's basketball team, even though they didn't do ANYTHING to the dinosaur!

From all the old white guys defending Imus this week and boo-hooing his firing, what I learned is that all black people are responsible for the behavior of every black person. MSNBC's David Gregory spent the last three days almost crying while hosting both morning and evening shows talking to mostly old white guys who got their crappy books plugged on the dinosaur's show. Imus has a right to say whatever he wants. And GE/NBC/CBS has a right to kick his wrinkled ass to the curb, too.

For a few of Imus' "endless apologies" over the years, see http://mediamatters.org/items/200704090001 The guy refuses to learn anything. Go play cowboy now Imus; you are officially a washed-up joke.

Wesley Parish

I have avoided saying anything on this issue, mostly because I don't have much of an idea about it. But I've just got off a newsgroup dedicated to the study and extension of one of the US's most brilliant [and underground] writers, H.P. Lovecraft, and it's been hijacked by a imus-clone racist screaming that Blacks [essentially] have no place in the US.

What a jerk.

Scott Joplin. Charlie Parker. Dizzy Gillespie. Louis Armstrong.
John Coltrane. Muddy Waters. Leadbelly. Need I go on?

There are a set of people in the US - quite large, unfortunately - who think that might is right, at least when they're the ones with the might - witness their outrage when an independent body rules against the US. Might is right when they have the power - "poor me, pity me," when the tables are turned. The child who killed his parents then pled for clemency on the grounds that he was an orphan!

Imus sounds like one of those losers. I have no pity.

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