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Zaine Ridling

If nothing else, he's seriously damaged goods. I'm surprised (then again, maybe not) of all the old white guys on TV coming to his defense. CNN is doing everything it can to save his job, having everyone come on and say, "He made a mistake; he apologized. Get over it, so I can be a guest and get my next crappy little book promoted by Imus!" Fortunately, it looks like MSNBC is canceling the simulcast:


Meanwhile Sprint, Amex, GM, Ditech, P&G, GlaxoSmithKline, and Staples are gone. I'm sure other hosts on the channel are urging that the brass dump Imus. The Rutgers' coach said it best: "If you can't get behind 'these' women, who are eloquent, who stay in school for four years, who are all good students, who've never been in trouble, who represent their school with pride and dignity, then who can you respect?"

Right on. It wasn't just a racial thing, it was a gender slam, too.

brian morris

no doubt imus is a clown who needs to be shown the way to the door. but i find it laughable (no wait, there's nothing funny about what's going on here)....i find it despicable that no less an authority on race relations than the oh-so-less-than-honorable al sharpton is calling for imus' head. i got two words for al: "tawana brawley". how soon we forget. for aiding and abetting that scam to be perpetrated sharpton should have been disbarred, excommunicated, de-clawed, gotten a haircut and while i stop short of saying shot, he should have been shut up....for good.

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