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Stephane Rodriguez

Yep. Also take the time to read the comments on Office 14 here.

I feared last month that Microsoft would win the battle over OOXML/ISO just because there are employees in national bodies (3 in France alone) and therefore enough influence to curb anything to their wish, but it seems to me we are all going to win over time because of the major disruptions of Office 2.0

If anything, Office 14 looks indeed even more integrated then Office 2007. There is a time when bloat on top of bloat is hard to justify.


You may very well be right, especially about the timing. These same CIOs could have easily made these announcements by October or November 2006, but waited until now, just after the 30-day contradiction process concluded. I've perused the MS-EOOXML Objections wiki several times, stunned from the numerous mistakes that have been ignored for more than a decade, and just dumped into MS-OOXML. And the real fear of vendor lock-in would be disastrous to their bureaucracies if they're unable to access their data. Look no further than the serial nightmares the FBI has had with trying to make any system work in their department.

It reminds me of the sadness I felt after watching An Inconvenient Truth. Ironically, for many years, I was excited by the next version of MS Office, but like many, after Office 97, it wasn't fun anymore; it became work to keep up with all the "features" which we all came to complain as sheer bloat. Office 2007 is no different, and the marketing campaign for Office 2009 will be bizarro world indeed.

Linux with Google Apps not only will be useful, but will bring security and simplicity that Windows users haven't known in this century! By 2015, I'll be very surprised if 50% of users are still traditional 'Office' users.


Zaine! ...by 2010.

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