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Ahh. It's good to hear from Elliotte again. I'm a big fan of his Java books (particularly "Java Network Programming" and "Processing XML with Java", the latter is available free online [but I bought it, being a fan], not sure of the former).

He has an interesting outlook on web services...

"Instead, look for the emergence of Plain Old XML (POX). People will start (in many cases, continue) sending XML documents over HTTP. Authentication, caching, and reliable delivery will be managed using the built-in functionality of HTTP. Applications will be hooked together with a mixture of XSLT, XProc, duct tape, and spackle."

I was just pondering developing some new things with JS and XML, wondering if I should use what he calls POX, or write a web service with Axis or some other java based solution. I guess if I were to take his word on it, the POX solution should be just fine. And his is an opinion that I highly regard.

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