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Alex Trontner

It's people like you that give ODF a bad name, that foment the politics instead of the pragmatics. Stop vendor bashing and focus on the issues - or is that not what the Director of Business Affairs is supposed to do? No wonder Microsoft is making headway with OOXML, they can just point to people like you as undermining ODF's credibility.


Alex, he *is* focusing on the issues somewhat. In case you didn't read the links, Microsoft is having some problems forcing OOXML on unwilling users, and is blaming IBM for fanning the flames of opposition and pointing out some of the most galling flaws in the so-called standard.

Sam is saying that there are a whole lot of others that have no association with IBM that are pointing out flaws and suspicious motivation, but Microsoft's PR machine is ignoring us.

Frankly, a personal or semi-personal blog *should* have a little personality in it. I can read press releases on my own, thank you very much.



Glad I struck a nerve.

Always happy to talk about issues. Ones like Software Quality, Genuine Document Compatibility (not Genuine Advantage) & System Interoperability.

Craig KitterMAN

My "eyes are peeled"! Any update on the timing of the release? Inquiring spear-carriers want to know!

Zaine Ridling

I also wondered why Microsoft issued such a clumsy "shoot-itself-in-the-foot" press release. Many of the Microsoft supporters who are writing about ODF and slamming IBM seem to be confusing IBM with the work of the ODF Alliance, who very mission is to promote and educate governments and institutions on the benefits of adopting ODF.

IBM voted no on OXML during Ecma. They clearly explained why. Accept it and move on.



I apologize for getting your name wrong. As they say, "Just spell my name right."

Mixed you up with an old school mate (to your credit, Kittering, he's a sharp one.)

Can't give you a time-line on the Foundation's Plugin. As you know, you've taken our (financial) air supply, such as it is.

Plugins: it's getting to be a crowded field. We're going to lie back and assess the quality of Sun's and see if there's any need at all for our high level of fidelity.

While there seems to be a lot of ODF policies & commitments coming forth, there appears to be quite few other than Massachussetts who have experienced hitting the business processes migration wall and will demand the Foundation's full level of document fidelity. We'll have to be patient, and I'm afraid that means you -- as the Interop Czar -- will have to be too.

You'll know whenever we make an announcement. Unless you'd like to become a consulting client...

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