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Gary Edwards

ODF is well on it's way to becoming a universal file format. As a portable XML document, ODF excels in perfecting fluid transformations, data binding-extraction, and the re use - re purposing of endlessly circular information processing chains.

And when it comes to information long haul, ODF is working it's way through the emerging interoperability maze connecting prominent information domains such as; desktop productivity environments, enterprise publication, content and archive management systems, SaaS, SOA, and the Web 2.0.

ODF is a XML workhorse that far exceeds the original design objectives.

MSECMA on the other hand was clearly designed for a different purpose. Let's be honest here. The intent behind the MSECMA design is to extend the Microsoft desktop monopoly to servers and devices.

MSXML-MSECMA ready applications are pouring out of Redmond, swarming the domains of desktop, server and device systems. VSTO 2005 syncs up MSOffice with the Exchange/SharePoint Hub, using MSECMA as the interchange agent, enabling years of MSOffice bound business processes to migrate with ease to the productivity jumping E/S Hubs.

If ever there was a way to leverage the existing monopoly base it is through using MSECMA as the point of integration with MSOffice bound information and business processing systems. Only Microsoft servers and device system need apply.


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