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stephen hood

Sam, I've been exploring the PS3 (60GB) for about a week now. And given the hype and wait I was really expecting to be a bit disappointed. That's often what happens with stuff like this, even more so in our current world of marketing over substance. However it's even more impressive than I was expecting...the more you explore the clearer it becomes this is without a doubt the best piece of engineering Sony has ever produced. And while that sounds like hyperbole it also happens to be true. Over the coming months it will become abundantly clear this is so.

Apart from a few interface quirks it even outdoes Apple on the software and hardware fronts. No need to hide this away in your audio cabinet as I had originally intended. We have an original iMac and use Thinkpad laptops to provide you the context in which I say this. Build quality is also very very high.

Very impressed with it's elegance and simplicity so far. In fact now that I've had a bit of time to be explore the multimedia side I suspect we will get more usage out of this for family photos, videos, music than we will for gaming.

Not that the games aren't fun as well.

This is much more than a gaming machine. Much more. There is some real depth *without* complexity here.

Everything just exudes quality and elegance. Again that will become very clear in the coming months as more and more *regular* people play with it - as opposed to the paid shills and friends of Microsoft we are hearing from now.

The pricing story vs the Xbox 360 is a red herring being seeded by Microsoft. No one is buying the Core system. They will stop producing it at some point to "better focus".

The 20GB systems are comparably priced - so you get Blu-ray for free.

Turning the console on or off from the game controller is one of my favorite little touches.

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