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Wesley Parish

I'm treating it as a version of gamesmanship. They blinked - admittedly not a lot - but they blinked, so I would say they're still in the game, at least in their own estimation.

The code isn't too bad, either. This French company's not bad. Still, they've got a very long way to go before they get it even close to complete. And that's from reading their own goals as expressed in their readme.txts.

But remember OSI? Versus TCP/IP? Which one was first to market? Which was "more complete"? Which one only existed in the form of a few additional files in 4.4BSD and a few other places? Which one's forgotten?

Microsoft's full of hardworking programmers whose work's getting wrecked by senior management whose grip on history is sadly lacking. It's hard to laugh for crying; it's hard to cry for laughing!

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