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At last, I thought, here's an authoritative source of the "infamous binary key." Ever since I have heard about that I've been asking to see one (http://orcmid.com/BlunderDome/clueless/2005/10/my-fud-is-fuddier-than-your-fud-so-fud.asp).

I could not find one in any WordML or other documents, and the best speculation I ever saw was that someone didn't know what the Unicode byte order mark is on the front of some XML files. But I couldn't find anything definitive about what the evidence for this key was and I gave up.

I figured the Valoris Report would finally solve it. Well, the report is an useful and interesting read, but I have one problem.

I searched for "binary key" and there are no hits. There are 16 occurrences of "key" and 15 occurrences of "binary" but none are about that any special binary key (some are about explaining PKI and digitally-signed PDF is a big example).

I read through the description of WordML and found no mention of difficulties or secrets.

So, help me out here. Where is it? Give me a section number. Anything. I really want to know where this "infamous binary key" is so well-hidden.


Oh, darn. Gary, I thought Sam had independently claimed to have found the source on the "infamous binary key." I can't find any mention of anything like that in the Valoris report. Can you please enlighten me where it says anything about such a thing. I checked for "binary key" and all occurrences of "binary" and "key" and came up with zippo. I read the section on WordML and I missed anything that was there too.

Help me out here, chum.

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