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Jeff Kaplan

I like the connection between social change and OpenDocument Format. It is a sea change, not only in technology but in how all of us see, control and access information. ODF is transformative.

Peter Quinn and his colleagues (don't forget them!) displayed courage and a keen sense of the public good by moving Massachusetts to ODF and open standards. Breaking barriers is always hard. That's why they call them barriers.

I think comparisons to the American Civil Rights movement are apt, though they will lose most of our non-American friends. Best to focus on messages, facts and efforts that reach everyone. This is a global effort. And everyone's eyes should be on the prize.

Manon Ress

Does this idea social struggle/ICT change of behavior work?

It works for me. Social struggle and use of technologies that impact how knowledge is created, used, preserved and shared are connected. It is very relevant here in the case of ODF which has the potential to improve the landscape or knowledge ecology not only here but globally.

However, I do not know Peter Quinn and while I certainly admire him, I would emphasize the movement rather than an individual.

Jeff Kaplan

Have to agree with Manon. As I've said before, it was painful to see Quinn forced out. But not necessarily a bad thing for ODF in Mass. or globally.

Debate about ODF should not become a referendum on one person. It needs to focus on the serious issues of public interest.

And now there is one more voice free to share views, unobstructed by political restraints.

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