Gary Edwards
OpenDocument Foundation, Inc., 501(c)3

Gary oversees the software standards and development work of the Foundation. The OpenDocument Foundation provides financial and technical support to permit individuals to participate within software standards consortia like OASIS in an open-source manner. Gary also leads the development work of the ODF Plugin (to MS Office) for the Foundation and its affiliate, OpenDocument, Inc.

Gary was a founding member of the OASIS OpenDocument (Open Document Format for Office Applications) Technical Committee and plays a key role on the ODF sub-committees including the ODF Formula and the ODF Metadata TCs. Additionally, his influence was instrumental to the early adoption of the software around the world.

During and prior to his commitment to software standards work, Gary has led significant consulting projects focused on business process re-engineering in the media, real estate and financial fields. His expertise with contact management interfaces and architectures led to a successful $25 million in financing from Intel for __________ .